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3 3 thursday, january 3 10tt &pp3 -33 3 395 map
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3 3 3 3 -3 3 first on fox...a trade school with three locations acrrss maryland... closes without arning. warninn.too rodgers has more on wwy students and staff were - ttld to eaae... in the middle - of the day... along with your other top stories.good morning, tom..- 3 good morning, patrice
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and megan.after mooths of hard &pwork at theeamerican career instiiute... ssudents are & wondering if it was aal a waste.some were just two days from graduating... beeore theyy were told to eavv in the & middle of class yesserday .. without any warning. warning.escorted out by police... conffsed students stood outside the a-c-i cammus herr in baltimore.and we're told the same thing is happeninn at it's wheaton and -3& coluubia camppses.even campuses in bostoostudentt anythinggfrom dental assisting toodigital media.some spent - monthssworking towards their &pcareer... nly tt find... & they're now locked out. "this is ull crap, bull rap, you want this? thhs is bullcraa""worr hard, stay straight this is postpooterous" 3& "they told us might as ell go hooe, don't worry bout books pests, 3 po home, schools clooed doon " "they were given a letter and emails from -c-i officials ... explaiiing the school had
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& to close all of its cammpses... because it 3 from school lenders.bascially they have no money.employees & say they were told they'll no longer be getting paid. so faa... 8 peeole have died -3 from tte flu. -3 3 on wednesday... the mayor of boston ddclaredda public health emeegency... saying this is thh worst flu ssason since 2009. the city has had 7- hundred confirmed cases of te reported cases laat year... and eeperrs say...they've had -3 18 deaths associated with ffu like illnesses, this eason. 3 facebook is even joining in &pthe fight against the flu... wwth an app called "hhlp, ii &phave the flu."it searches your social network looking for key words liie coughing and fluuto see if you've been around & facebook knows it's not so sccentific... it's a sure sign that the flu issa big part of - our lives ttis wwnter. 3&pyou coull soon seeebigger pilll from b-g-e... if the commany gets its way wayb-g-e is looking to raise its ddstributton charge for electricity and gas.for the avvrage customer... that would
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mman your bill would go up about 11-dolllrs a month. month. on wednesday... b-gge held a meeting at the war &pmemorial plaza downtoon... to discuss the increase.of thh 14 people who showeddup... half were from the compann.those who were not... say thh meetings are not advertisedd well enoughh.. and predict & mmny people are going to have a tough time paying for the increase. 3 (53:17) when our elderry -3 people have to dial back on phhir heattwhee its very cold or they have to dial back on the cooling when its hot they &pare putting themselves at risk but that's what they are going to have to do to offset this - increase.(56:58) justtlike & does need to make significant upgraades to our electric and natuual gas diitribution systme so that we can conninue to prooiieesafe and reliible electric and gas power to our customers... custooers... if the increases see higher bills by spring. &p3 a big hooor... for maryland &public schhols.
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-33 pchools.for thee55h year in a pow... maryland schools have been ranked the best in thh countryythe honoo is given by - afternoon... governor martin o'malley willlspeak out about it... at an event at jones - elementarr school in severna park. 3 & the n-h-l lockout is ver, and we couud seeethe teams playing gamessagain, in about a week. yet some hockey experts fear the ans won't come back in big numbers, becauseeof the loccout. 3 joel d. smith is at piney orchard icc rink... to see - whaa formerrnnh-l playee doing to get mmre childrrn involved in hockey... for 3 3 ((take pkg))
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3 & 3 one oo monopoly's classic game -3 tokens... is headed strright for jail. hasboro has announned its replacing one of he tokens 3 maker ii turning to facebook... to get your input. can vote on whhch
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token they would like to see wheelbarrow, iron, battleship, raae car, thimble or scottie dog. you can also deeidd on the replacement piece: between a diamond rinn, guitar, toy & robot, cat or hellcopter. happy voting! 3 coming p... 3 hees sporting the number 52 persey... but wait until you &psee what happens when this diver at the national aquurium... does the ray lewis -3 dance tt ámusic.á from now.
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3 -3 3 3 watch them race to the finish
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line anddenjoy the excitment &pof the arenacross..hh arenacross is taking over tte & 1st mariner arena this weekenn. weekend.emily gracey joins uu -&pfor this mornings hometown hotspot.- tell us abbut tte arenacross.--hhw long doos it take to put together a show &plike this?- what can we expect 3 year? 3 3 arenaaross will be at tte 1st mariner arena ffiday january 11th through sunday january 11th. to get showtimes log on to fox baltimore dot commslash 3
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3&parenacrossstickets are on sale -3 now.but we want to get you inside for free.feld entertainment sent us some - tickets tt give awayyto yoo this morning. morning.the 100h caller right now att410-481-4545 wins aa &&pfamiiy 4 pack. 3 cooing's the video thaa's going viral. viral."girl lookkat that daddy... iiwork out." out." 3 the reason onn father created &pthis ssng... for is family. you're watching fox 45 33 3 p(break
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3 song parodies have taken the internee by ssorm vvrrthe last year... from "call me maybe" to "gangnam style"... the atestttoogainna followiig is bb a ad... whoorealll knnws how to work it. it."girl ook at tthttdaddyy.. 3 i work out." out." 3 utah father chaddmorton and & his kids star in this video... 3 ii".it's theii take on l--- m-f-a-o's "i'm sexy nd i know it".the video follows morton asshe goes aaout his daily routine... which consists of - started as a ggg gift for his family...but sson made it's way to you-tube.the viddo currently has over 670-thousann hits.
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3 3 coming up... 3 prrcery prices may bb oing &pup... but that doesn't mean - you have to spend more.what youucan do... to shave dollars off your next grocery bill. 3&p(11t sot) and there was a llon that ran across the street a --3 baby llon. oh k where. what --3 kind f animal? a lion a baby lion and a ádogá... mistake for a -3 álion.áthe reason behind this unusual styye offgrooming.... minutess rom're
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patching foo 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 3)) >> creed's sound was definitely rock and roll and their meaningful lyrics touched fans in a whole new way. ♪ can you take me higher ♪ >> but those words hid a troubled past and a tenuous relationship with god. >> i was a christian who was in rebellion. it became an obsession, if you will. it was my way out. >> the faith journey of creed's former lead singer, scott stout,
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3 we all need to shop for groceeies but we all don't have to sppnd a ton doing it. paura harders from beltway bbrgain mom dot com joiis us -3this morning with more. - what we spend he mmot on?- how can we keep our cost low?- whatt are sooe spend ess on? on?things we cann- hat are some our cost low?- how can we keep
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- how cannwe keee our cost loo?
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3 - what are somm things we can ssend less oo? on? 3to learn more log on tt fox baltimore dot com slash morniig. 3 coming up... one man ggts the scare of a lfetime... whill skking. shoulder and ittwas closing in
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p haa happened just seconds after a mooseecame charggng at him... that saved his life. 3 you're watchhnn ox 45 good day ballimore. -33 3 ((break 4))
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3 &p 33 -3 3 3- 3
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3 p 3& 3
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3 3 3a viiious lion had a whole town in virgina on edge.... until they found out it wass just dog. 3 jeanne moos tells how this pisundeestaaddng has made a labraaoodle... a loccl pelebriiy. 3 3 we've seen aadog at a pet show resemble a poodll.... but this issthe tail of a dog with such -3 a convincing haircuu thht people thought he was a lion and caaled 911. and there was a lion that rrn across the 3 liin a baby lion it had thhe -3&pmaage and everythinggit was & about the size of a llbrador retriever. actually he'ssa labrrddodle naaeddcharlie, says his owner but i tell -&ppeopleehe's a lab-a-lion a
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laa-a-lionnshaveddlike this o 3 unofficial mascot for old -33 991 calls came in, norfolk police alled the virginia zoo &pto confirm that both offits lions were seeurrd aad aacounted forr that's the zoo's directorrpossng with dog and hhs owner. daniel -3&ppainter, live near the oo and whhn people spot charlie walking there thhy really freak out.... 've seen 'emm literally dive through the -3 window to get in the carr thinking a lion is after them. in the wake of the 911 calls... we're not going anywwere chaalie'' become famous. on his facebook page, & he's ettinn a liin's share of "likes." moos tandup we'd be lying if we said the color of pharlie's mane is nntural. h gets his mane anddthe tip of his tail dyed. at a ggoomers -3called "doggie style" how to look like a lioon about once every ffur months at least he's no cowardly ion,
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in the wizard o oz... f ii only haa the nerve. it'' enough to give aadog a split personality. no wonder folks are 3 in an uproar. chaalii ay not be an mgg trademarkk..but already he's made his mark, and he's only 3. jeannn moos, cnn, he's the mmst friendliest -3 llb-a-lion you gonna find..ny. 3 coming uu... coming up... who says cats can't play ping pong?the hiiaaious video thaa's going viral... nextt 3 so hot in herr nats natt 3& and tte ray lewis dancee.. manyyhits this
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naatonal aquarium... has gotten on youtube. you're watching fox 45 ood dayy ((break 7))
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3 p3 ii'' thuusdayy.. and that 3 pamera.this week we ssaat with the national aquarium's & version... of the ray lewiss dance. 3 so hot in hhre nats nats
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3 - national aquarium put 3together this video- divers dancing in shark tank like ray lewis--so far 42-thousand hits -3 this next video ,3 shows what happens when ou have 2 cats... and onll one food bowl.taae a look... 3 - take turns eatinn
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3 out of bowl- arguing over who can eat!!- pnd this next viieo might leave you impressed... it showssa cat layinn ping pong... take a look. shows a attplaying piig pong... take a look. look.- cat playy ping pong
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3 - pushes ball back from othhr -3 side of net coming up... 3 if you'reemaking plans for the weekend... meteorologist jonathan myerr has some good news or yyu. 3 watthing fox 45 good day baltimore. 3
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3 tickets from speed cameras.
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